yo! i was so bored i made premade 'homepage' codes. you can use these for your networks page which contains all links to your other networks. yah, i lazily made these so the codes aren't neat. the rest are under the cut (click Read More).

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Anonymous Anonymous
  could you post layouts made ​​for you? please in vintage and grunge style means?
kisses, thank you, a hug to you, love your blog. ~~~~

posted on 4/7/13

  hi anon, i dont get what you mean by "layouts made for you". are you referring to the layout i made for or the layout installed in this blog? thanks!

posted on 4/7/13

Anonymous Anonymous
  the installed on this blog, if not too much to ask, thank you.

posted on 4/7/13

  No i can't. Sorry but this layout was originally made by fourteenroses, i just modified it. If you want to use her codes,

I'm sorry i can't give this layout's codes away since i did not make this.

posted on 5/7/13

Anonymous Anonymous
  how to put the link of the comments in the blogskins?
I downloaded it all right ... but do not know how to put the comments in blogskins could teach me? posting tutorial ... kisses

posted on 6/7/13

Anonymous Anonymous
  post banners and icons of images indies of the weheartit?
Examples: images of birds, cookies ... the sea ...
thaks so muuuuuuch

posted on 6/7/13

Anonymous Anonymous
  post names for blogs? I am without idea to create

posted on 6/7/13

  @Anon, how many icons/banners do you like?

posted on 6/7/13

  @anon what do you mean by post names for blogs?

posted on 6/7/13

  @anon, i posted a tutorial!

posted on 6/7/13

Anonymous Anonymous
  five icons and two banners :)

posted on 8/7/13

  @anon, sure. it will be up by Sunday

posted on 9/7/13

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I'm ellie. 1997. I make pale icons and banners mostly based off of random weheartit images. All of my graphics are from my weheart it account so... um that is all. kbyeloveyou.

Hi I'm Fai. I enjoy making simple icons and banners. I enjoy reading and managing my sites. I use Photoshop, Photoshop Touch and Pixlr to do my edits.

Hi guys, call me e-. I'm 16 and love OneRepublic and Katy Perry. Visit my blog? :)

'Florale' by Marcielago. Icons from thefadingnight.
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