to anon
yo. idk if these are indie. i really don't get the theme though i hope this is okay. sorry if i disappoint you anon hehehehh. Here are 4 400x200 banners and 7 100x100 icons. click the banners to see full-size.
Also, blog name ideas.


"All the lights go down as I crawl into the spaces Fight, flight or the screams life tearing at the seams"

(Way-yay-yay-yay-yaytt! I dont ever wanna be here)

here are my ideas - got most of them from random blog skins/song titles:
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cocaine rain radiating souls hanging moons
faded daydreams wasted daylight smile bomb
aureatus purqe wave lengths
pale tides detached mind electric in grey
asthenia cacophony dysentery
ocean and atlantic a wolf in geek's clothing caraphernelia

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Anonymous Anonymous
  omfg thaks ellie :3

posted on 14/7/13

Anonymous lari
  post backgrounds? please

posted on 14/7/13

  @lari, sure. might be posted by wednesday (depends if i don't have homeworks). anyway, try this

posted on 14/7/13

Anonymous Anonymous
  post more names for blogs?

posted on 17/7/13

  @anon, sure! would be included on the next post. (though im running out of ideas heehehehh)

posted on 18/7/13

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I'm ellie. 1997. I make pale icons and banners mostly based off of random weheartit images. All of my graphics are from my weheart it account so... um that is all. kbyeloveyou.

Hi I'm Fai. I enjoy making simple icons and banners. I enjoy reading and managing my sites. I use Photoshop, Photoshop Touch and Pixlr to do my edits.

Hi guys, call me e-. I'm 16 and love OneRepublic and Katy Perry. Visit my blog? :)

'Florale' by Marcielago. Icons from thefadingnight.
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