This was inspired by the skin i'm using in my blog. These could be used as a banner or whatever it is. I'm going to be posting more of these soon! Click them to see full-size.


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  could you post more polaroids pictures? thank you, it so pretty :'D

posted on 28/4/14

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4/10/2014 - BY エレイン
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I'm ellie. 1997. I make pale icons and banners mostly based off of random weheartit images. All of my graphics are from my weheart it account so... um that is all. kbyeloveyou.

Hi I'm Fai. I enjoy making simple icons and banners. I enjoy reading and managing my sites. I use Photoshop, Photoshop Touch and Pixlr to do my edits.

Hi guys, call me e-. I'm 16 and love OneRepublic and Katy Perry. Visit my blog? :)

'Florale' by Marcielago. Icons from thefadingnight.
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